If there is the one pill, cure for everything but its side effects is a week of continuous excruciating pain - a result of flushing out everything that’s bad for your health - however, guarantees you to have perfect health after that one week, would you take it? Why or why not?

So, the thing is, for pretty much every human there's some level of "excruciating" at which we'd say "hell yes" and then be regretting it and begging to take it back within minutes or hours, at which afterward we go "man I intellectually endorse having chosen that but I'm going to flinch every time I see anything remotely pill-shaped for the rest of my life," and who am I to assume I'm special?

But perfect health means no lingering trauma, presumably - in which case still yes, but only if it's not possible to give up halfway. No matter how badly I want the end result, there's a decent chance that if the pain is bad enough I'd try to induce vomiting to make it stop or something and if that would work then that's a problem.

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