As if there was a shortage of musicians trying to get their music heard already... Sony has automated songwriting

I've been playing with a recurrent neural network project on github. I fed it around 150+ songs lyrics and chords from ultimateguitar. for not having any concept of english or music it does pretty well for relatively little effort on my part.

here's a little bit:


 Am              F                C                     F

The wars that girl I loeg to sig there, give your right from tetch Am7 F It's whished I hear faute C I want it all, I im (in the stone when you are make she feel


Dm F I'm still looking for an when you walk Dm Such a face that go on G D I can't wait, I just want to get rom G D E7 Before we will ever heard D Somewhere we're broken C G But I will hold on true Em C D Lake the mide what I just C Em And you've let her go Bm C#m G D Rathing what it will mine Em Am7 I know the stene yand me Sulled cater C Em Emplistion exchouse) G Em Empryons were sife this


C Gm Am


F C G It's through the things call if I wanna roll my good -one G Em C I deny 'our carsing, look at the way


Bm F#7 D G E I could not wat hree beacats something out A Do all your more C (What about us) F#m D You're knocking on a romence silents

F I never know why it need be Am Then what I move it's a trait

[Outro] (hey life N.C. We are fite in angoun

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