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this... just like the trickle down economics they preach, no one actually believes it. It is all horse politics and useful for them as a large number of them have a stake in the business and their goal is to maximize profit and minimize/ as in large cases completely eliminate tax payment even though they made billions in revenue.

Just imagine if water was not classified as a utility and one major company held all the water pipes in the country. Now they would start selling low tier water pressure at say 12 psi for $ 45 for the first 300 gallons then $10 for every 50 gallons after that. Now if you wanted unlimited water usage then you would pay $150 for "super speed" 50 psi. Now imagine they owned and you had to rent all the faucets in the house for a nominal $10 a month. Sharing your water with neighbors or communal usage would be highly discouraged with scare tactics like, your neighbor will poison your water supply or your neighbor will steal your water supply or worse, your 12 psi a month will slow down to 5psi because you are sharing. Now imagine only one company owns the rights to this. If you attempt to disconnect because you have decided to dig a well, you are taken through endless loops. They have never found the need to upgrade their systems or equipment as they have no competition. they are extremely rude to the customers as the do not have any other place to turn. The cost of increasing the water psi to be reasonable is the turn of a switch but they make you pay through your nose for that turn.

Now come in the republicans who tell you that this system is fine and dandy. That is less government.

They say the biggest trick the devil ever did was convince the world he did not exist.

But i chose to differ. That is not the biggest trick...

The biggest trick the republicans ever did was make their followers fight for them, even when it goes against their very interests.

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