If you type "Google" into Egyptian Google the top hit is a rather confused Egyptian man

Oh… you found me on google. Come over and smoke a spliff with me.

Hello, Is this Mr. Saber? — Yes, Who are you? — My name is Eyad Nour. I work in the field of Digital Marketing and I noticed that you’re ranking #1 on Google. Do you know this? — Yes, A lot of people call me and tell me that Google made a website about me. — No, I mean Google Search. When people search for the word “Google”, You come first. Do you know that? — No. I just find people calling me and telling me they saw “my google.” — So, You never tried to do anything to promote your page? — What page? — Your page on Google Plus? — No, I just published it using my email which was created back in 2009 that’s why I get a lot of people visiting my profile. Because of I have old email there. — Actually, I think It takes more than that. What happened with you is very rare. You are ranking #1 for the word “google” on their own website which I never saw in my life. You are ranking above Google itself. — So people think I am the “mother company” of Google? Laughing loud This is great. I never thought about that. It all started a week ago when I noticed a lot of people calling me everyday. Sometimes I even turn off my phone so I can sleep. Actually, Most of them doesn’t even know what I do but maybe you can teach me how to get more people? — I teach you?! You’re the master now. You teach me, master! I was calling you so you can show me how you did it. — He laughing for 10 seconds You look like a funny person. I think we both could be friends. Look, You can come to my place at _______ St. and then we can smoke a couple of hash joints together and I will let you look into my computer to find what I did. Maybe I clicked on something by mistake. — Me laughing I wish It was that easy. We can’t find the reason for this on your computer files. Anyway, I do really appreciate your time and feel free to call me anytime if you need advice. I wish you the best. — Thank You, my friend. I will save your number right now and call you later.

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