If vegan just meant "not being a psychopath", most of humanity still wouldn't be vegan.

i definitely shouldn’t have said they’re psychopaths, you’re right, but i will say that not caring at all about/making fun of another being’s suffering (as you see many extreme omnis do) definitely feels like there’s some psychopathic tendency there, at least. people who hurt dogs and cats/laugh about their suffering would easily be referred to as having psychopathic tendencies at least, so i’m not sure why that’s a problem at all.

i have huge problems empathizing with the “you used to be an omni” point. i grew up in a super difficult household and wanted to be a vegetarian from the time i was 10, but i wasn’t “allowed”. i eventually cut out all meat at 14 once i was able to take care of myself a little better, and not rely so much on my mother. i didn’t know about how bad factory farms were back then, i didn’t know about the suffering animals went through. i just knew it was wrong, and i was a child. i don’t buy into there being an excuse not to understand that killing is wrong, at least where i live. there are plenty of alternatives all over the grocery stores, and it’s simple. if you have access to a smart phone or a computer, you can easily find it’s easy to live without animal products. there comes a point where ignorance is willful. and again, i’m talking about where i live and have lived throughout my life.

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