"If they wear a BLM shirt every day we should keep an eye on them."

Yes, this is partially why I retired early from teaching. Our new principal was a rabid Trump supporter and FOX News was his holy grail, of course the new teachers followed suit to appease the big, fragile ego-ed man. But the older teachers' previous low key and questionable racism was revealed for all its unholy glory. What I had previously noticed and questioned before was no longer any denying the meaning of or misspoke words or misunderstandings. Racism is taught. It is institutional. Rural America is fucked. Sorry kids, I tried, I accepted all of you where you were and tried to help you get to where you wanted to be and I tried to help reach all of you, all races, cultures, sexual orientation, all income status and religious beliefs; you were beautiful and awesome and could do anything with your future! I would fight for you and your right to be you!

But when the boss came after me I learned how weak I am. I'm sorry kids, I couldnt post that when I left but now I can.
Anybody who reads this, please record EVERY conversation with a suspected racist or homophobe. They should NOT be near young people shaping their minds and values. I trusted my union way too much.

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