If you were able to leave, I admire you. You were stronger than me.

I am so glad you are in therapy. That is hopefully going to help you rebuild your self-esteem and help you to not repeat the same mistakes with your next dating partner.

However, thinking of this relationship in terms of winners and losers is exactly how Ns operate.

May I suggest you take this opportunity while you work on rebuilding your life to look at this painful experience as a life lesson?

Learn from it and move on.

As a Black woman, I hate that this happened to you, please do not feel alone. There are places online and in person that will support you, nourish you, and uplift you. If you are not a member of the subreddit to which I refer, may I suggest you find a corner of the internet where you feel community whether it's through race or shared interests?

I don't want you to feel so alone. Reading this made my heart ache for you.

I only mentioned my race because you did. I'd rather DM you but I don't know the rules here.

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