If you were able to re-write any disappointing film, which film would it be and how would you change the plot?

Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Since the film didn't know if it wanted a totally serious dark Freddy OR the maniacal jokester Freddy the first thing I'd do is go all in on just ONE. I'd pick jokester Freddy, but keep him violent (like NOES 3 and 4).

Then I'd make it so the entire class of 30 kids except four weren't dead before the movie even fucking started. This immediately makes Freddy's revenge final for good as soon as he makes it through these four. That decision just limits the set up WAY too much.

I'd also actually make him entirely innocent like the film was too cowardly to do. It would make the film different and give it a reason to exist. So now we have the film about an innocent man pushed to become this demon due to his hate, that this creature was something these people created themselves.

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