"if I were to say, ‘All Women are Whores’ rationally only the Women who know they are whores should be offended". Yeah, that's totally rational. So why do you get offended when Reddit says Redpillers are hypocritical basement-dwelling degenerates?

TRP is a kin to a Mens only club where politically incorrect

"Politically incorrect" is right-wing code for "changing my language/behaviour to acknowledge diversity is too haaaaaard." In this context, it means you're an asshole who doesn't care about how your actions/beliefs make others feel.

free speech

He does realize the government won't arrest you for saying "women are teenagers", right? No one is taking away his right to be a misogynistic asshat. However, it is becoming less acceptable in society to be a misogynistic asshat, which is why TRP gets so much flak from, well, anyone except the government.

Saying "you're a turd, leave me alone" is not the same as taking away your right to free speech, little terper.

is not only allowed, but encouraged.

"Hi, I'm a turd and I like encouraging others to be turds too!"

The difference is that there is nothing preventing Women or critics from poking their hard heads around and seeing everything from their narrow POV and take it as an attack against them.

Ah, yes, I forgot it takes a 'narrow POV' for a woman to be offended when a man tells her she never matured beyond age 16. Yes, there's absolutely no other reason why people would call terpers hurtful mean words like "misogynists" and "unwiped arse cracks" unless those people had a narrow point-of-view.

Or maybe TRP is full of misogynists and unwiped arse cracks. Food for thought.

(Why aren’t there 100% private Subreddits on Reddit? I don’t know. Maybe TRP would be better that way.

1) Reddit is not the only site on the internet. I'm sure you could find a site that lets you make your own member-only forum. If you want it to be any more secret than that, you'll have to build a treehouse in your garden with a 'No Girls Allowed' sign.

2) How the fuck are you going to keep it private? What's stopping us evil women from posing as a man and sneaking into your secret clubhouse? The only way it'd work is if you absolutely refused to accept new members, in which case you might as well embrace the status of 'cult'.

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