If you were Gibbons, what is your rotation for the ALCS?

This is my rotation as well, but I don't think we sweep.

I think Estrada, on 8 days rest throws up a decent game but one we possibly lose.

Happ comes out and pitches better than he did vs Texas

Sanchez throws a gem back in Toronto

Stroman has his form and throws well

and Estrada shows back up in game 5 and throws lights out to close the series.

Maybe Happ gets a second game too if someone else messes up games 2, 3 or 4. I really don't think the series goes 7.

Either the Jays are hot and we take the ALCS or we cool off by Friday and we lose in 5-6.

I hope for the former, but the later wouldn't surprise me.

Our bullpen has stepped up though I feel, and while, when they come in, I get nervous, I like what I see from them currently.

Our starting pitching is our best aspect of this team, so they are what they are

Just hope the bats stay hot.

They finally look like the team we all thought they should be though at the start of the season, so that's awesome. See if they can keep it up for 8 more wins.

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