If you were put in charge of the US and could run it how you saw fit, what would you do?

These are just things I think will make the thread more interesting. I could go on for days on this subject.

Domestic: Every police department would have to hire based off a list set by a board of local citizens. These citizens would be chosen at random. Any political corruption that wasn't in better service to the community would be punished as treason. There will be three levels of punishment, Light for simple assault, drug possession (I'd legalize weed but narcotics, opiates or illegal prescription drugs),

If you got the death penalty, there would be a year long investigation where the police and private investigation organizations would investigate again to make sure the penalty was warranted and just. If you are still found guilty, you were given a week with your family and killed afterwards.

Any American based company that primarily sold in the US would be required, to an extent, to have a certain percentage of their operation in the US.

Foreign: Immigration will be held to a strict quota. 10 boards of elected individuals will wade through applications after they had been screened by computers and low level government workers. Those selected will be admitted based on education, skills, criminal history and adaptability. Our borders would be patrolled by our military and police. Any trespassers will be detained and sent back immediately.

Our military will be taken out of Afghanistan to fight ISIS, Boko Haram (Sp?), the Drug Cartels and any terrorist organization. Then their medical and logistics capability will be used to help developing countries. Traction will be made on taking care of North Korea. If any American is caught supporting this group in any way, it would be considered treason. Oh, and we would increase our military in personnel, training and technology.

I would try my best to partner a more stable NAFTA with Canada only (I would invite Mexico when their economy is better). This would mean Canadians could come to America to live and work and vice versa. I would also try and switch us over to metric for convenience purposes.

All foriegn financial aid will be suspended to those deemed developed enough.

We will no longer act in the interest of the UN, but in the interest of our mission and the mission of our close allies.

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