If you were someone's primary source for years, what happens when you finally break free?

I haven't hung out with my former friend since December 15, but he still calls me over and over even though his number is blocked. He's called me at least a dozen times since June 22, which is around the time I got a new phone. He's probably called me 50 times since last year.

He lives 5 minutes away, but I'm assuming he realizes if he shows up at my house, I'm going to hurt him. I've made it very clear with other former friends that showing up at my home unannounced will set me the fuck off and my response will be disproportionate and painful.

I'm sure he's probably tried to reach out to other former friends he's burned. I pray every woman he attempts to date sees the red flags. He's incredibly boring and doesn't seem to understand the concept of taking someone out and treating them nicely.

I worry he's going to try and copy how I behave (generous, caring) to lure people into being friends with him. Hopefully they don't fall for it, but there's nothing I can do. I'm not getting involved with anyone's drama ever again. I'd rather be sad and lonely than have to deal with drama.

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