If it were up to you, what do you think would be better? Artifact domains no longer cost resin or Artifact domains are now the only place that cost resin.

It's not a competitive game. You have no right to dictate other people's playtime because you can't play. If you're "feeling bad" because you can't sit down and grind, that's entirely a "you" problem. A normal person shouldn't care if someone can sit down and grind for 19 hours a day, this game has zero PvP or competitive content anyway.

And the artifact system as is, is worse for player retention because it's already a long grind against a massively unfair wall of RNG, the resin system just places an extra timegate on it that makes it feel like the game is a waste of time as you spend your 78th day on a domain getting absolutely nothing useful. That is a much faster way to burn someone out than if they could just no-life grind for a week, deck out all their characters, then spend the rest of the time just doing commissions until the next patch.

Both your points are entirely subjective.

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