If women insist that men need confidence to win them over, please provide examples on what made you give a guy a chance.

I guess when I first started talking to him, I already had this idea of what I thought he'd be like based off of his profile. He seemed almost "too safe" for me, I wasn't completely sold on him. As time went on though, he'd jokingly drop hints about how much of a freak he really was (without coming out and saying it of course). Our conversations were never overly sexual, we never exchanged photos, never talked about anything super deep or personal. Because we didn't cross examine eachother over text, it left so much more to talk about in person, so there was that desire to know more. On Tinder, I was so used to guys just coming right out saying what they wanted to do. With him, he just had this confidence that we were going get along really well and if I wanted to find out if have to make the time for him.

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