If you and your parents went to the same High School who'd be more "popular"?

This is a tough one for me. My mother was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. She was on the drill team, and was very active in youth group. Her father was a fire fighter, which gave her a boost in popularity. While being on the drill team may seem "meh" now, it was a big deal in 70s Texas.

My father was born and raised in the south side of Chicago. He is Catholic, but he stopped attending regular services after 8th grade. He wasn't necessarily the class clown, but he got in trouble on a regular basis for pulling pranks. He didn't join any clubs or play any sports, and yet a prank of his that has lasted forever is that in his yearbook, it states that he was active in every sport and club. Those that may not have known him personally may have seen that in the yearbook and thought more highly of him (nobody double checked that information and he took advantage of it). All that said, his father was a decorated WWII medic, which gave him a boost in popularity as well.

So on one hand, we have my mother who was raised to be a super conservative Christian, and my father on the other hand, whom hasn't attended any church services aside from when the in-laws are visiting. I honestly can't think of a true way to answer this question, but one thing I can definitively say is that if my parents switched high schools, they would be super unpopular! My mother's classmates were all conservative Christians, and many were participating in extracurricular activities. My father's classmates were either non-practicing Catholics, or very strict Catholics. My mom may have adjusted, but knowing her, she would have just kept to herself, and popular people don't stick to themselves. Being an attractive female would have given her a boost, but I think she would have let her religion get in the way of her talking to people who openly opposed Christianity.

At least I was super crazy popular, though! /s

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