If you're angry just because "people of color" weren't nominated for an Oscar, you're a huge part of the problem.

Racism in the entertainment field is real, and POC are justifiably angry that it remains one of the few fields where racial inequities are so visible

That's factually incorrect. If you think this is true, then why the hell Black people getting most of the grammies? Are you also upset that White people hugely underrpresented at Grammies? If you don't then you are an one big hypocrite. If you think White people get underrepresented because black people are better at music than the same thing can be said about white people are simply better actors than black people. Black people is only 13% at USA an they are accuretly represented or even over represented in entertainment sector. Music, tv shows, movies, commercials, sports... etc. You can say black people are overrepresented at sports and music because they are better at it but when white people are more successfull at acting than black people you say it's because of 'racism'. Also you don't even want representation. Since the number of black actors played at hollywood movies are around the same percantage of black population in USA. If they are talented enough they would get the better roles then awarda. Same with white people on grammies, nba, nfl...etc. But you want representation on awards which is huge bs. Btw I'm not even white or live in USA but I know for people like you representation means more black people . Even a film that contains mostly minority cast but lack of an black actor you will scream about why there is no black actor and complain about representation. representation = black people for people like you

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