If you're a new cop, and are down or depressed, and considering other options as far as employment goes, slow down and ask for help

I quit 2 months ago after being hired by a sheriff and placed into the jail for an interim period. Year and a half later, still sitting in the jail while they hired others and put them on the road immediately. This, despite an honorable discharge from the marines made me pissed on a daily basis and just became fuel for the fire. I was putting too much of myself into the job for an agency that refused to place any faith in me so I quit.

I feel for you, but I don't for a second look back on it. In the time there I made friends with some detention officers that were legitimately good people. Had I ever received word on being moved to the road I may have stayed but my treatment left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm glad I'm not doing it anymore.

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