If you're using drugs to be able to work or to enhance your work, your company should actually reward you, not fire you.

Unfortunately. That is a rare thing in the US. Due to years of anti-drug propaganda.

Many older people think drug addicts are the scum of the earth.

Meanwhile. They make such shitty working conditions that people need drugs to not literally be suicidal working for them.

This place was an exception. Or at least. The only one I have found. And it was literally. Because the place sucked so bad. That the only people they could get to work for them were drug addicts.

I was. Young and naive. It was my first welding job. I was pretty excited. I burnt out after 9 months though. Years later I found out what an actual good welding job was.

Apparently that company. Finally realized somewhat how shit they were. And raised the base pay from 9 to 10 an hour. And lowered the hours from 12 hours a day to 10 a day.

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