If you're young and thinking of investing in crypto, please take a second to read this.

Im in my upper twenties and have job that I travel all over America for in O&G. My work is hard and strenuous, but all of my living & travel costs are paid for. I work 14 hr days in horrible weather, but made time to research Cryptocurrencies. First, I paid of all of my debt. I drive a 2003 car and don't go spending money on partying or things I don't need. I invested $7500 dollars total strategically. Then after hodling for a few months is reallocated some profits to other well known Cryptos that I had researched for weeks. I took part in one ICO after a month of research and consideration. Also scalp traded a few times. I've made around 165k to date. None of this was done on a wild whim, I took time and built off of my original Investment. Do not put yourself in a position where you fuck your life up. Being hurried will make you make bad decisions. You can build from relatively small positions. Be smart and get smarter. There will always be bull runs and corrections. Either way there's opportunity.

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