Ignoring or protesting social distancing and staying at home protocols will just prolong the very measures one is protesting. Be smart.

Funnily a large number of the people protesting this "Social control" are the same people who were freaking out about Ebola.... Ebola was never a risk within our country, but the right wing media, and right wing politicians sure tried to stir things into a panic. As far as I can tell the only real reason people aren't as concerned by Covid is because it isn't nearly as visible as a hemorrhagic fever.

Most people's optics on this are certainly down to uneducated, misinformed positions. We have ample evidence of this virus being potentially catastrophic to the nation, let alone the world. It's a shame we don't have anyone to remind us of how the Spanish Flu wasn't a big deal either. Parts of the world, and country are seeing a nearly 6% mortality rate amongst infected individuals. Yes that number is going to change, because we don't get have enough data to have concrete answers at this point. But a 6% mortality rate is staggering.

How can you say this in the face of Covid beginning to overtake CHF as the leading cause of death within the US? It's risen to that level of mortality within months.... that's in it's self is shocking.

What do you suppose frontline healthcare workers would have to say to your opinion? I feel like South Dakota, New York, New Orleans etc... Would strongly disagree with you. And they have substantially more data to back their opinions.

Please provide some actual evidence to support your claims, not just your opinion on the matter based on "what makes sense to me". I'm very much open to an educated explanation of why your point should be considered logical. Individual human experience and opinion are extremely unreliable. Are you an epidemiologist? A physician? A nurse? It takes a certain level of scientific literacy to understand what healthcare professionals are saying.

These protesters aren't a whole lot different than people taking pride in not being able to read... But I mean who needs reading? It just exposes you to more information that might make you panic. Better to just get back on that assembly line because we all know you can't be scared or harmed by what you don't know... Just like gravity doesn't affect those who don't believe in it.

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