IKORIA B01 - BG Reanimator that never got there

Not nearly enough good bodies to reanimate, too many non-creatures.
The bodies you do have are not generally cost-efficient for their stats, and your means of reanimation are pretty slow, returning cards to your hand.

No good targets for your one million copies of Ram Through, as your creatures are mostly small or below rate.

You picked up some good mutation enablers in Bushwagg, Elemental, Farfinder and Symbiote, almost no actual mutate.

This set goes tall fast, there's nothing in your deck besides the Titanoth Rex I'd be particularly scared of you re-animating. Control is going to outvalue your reanimating of 1-3 power creatures and aggro is going to run over you before you get a chance to go off.

The deck seems a little confused about what it wants to be.

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