IL Gun Sales Up 500%; Many First-Time Buyers, Women

I'm not suggesting no police.

Did you actually read my post? Here it is again, but I bolded something:

I think anyone with half a brain knows this, you likely know this.

I already established you likely know that too. I am however, saying in the context of the above arguement that a reduction to zero-level policing doesn't work. You know? The philosophical argument about the other poster claiming the threat of enforcement cuts down criminality as well as a police entity or presence? (read: not the necessarily the current police entity - the one that's shooting tear gas at reporters).

It is pitted against your exchange two posts above.

However, it seems as though you though since I am argueing against you, I must be on the other side of the fence and thus 'the political enemy'. Hence, starting off with personal attacks is totally legit and cool. Then again, that's a pretty accurate showing of modern american politicisation. Discussions are either 'with us' or 'against us'.

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