Ilaix Moriba shares his recent experience with many racist messages he's received from "fans" due the complicated contractual situation with Barça.

And your first fault is assuming that I think they are just doing it for fame, it’s racist people who enjoy the notoriety.

You’re naive at best if you think footballers screencapturing racist comments on Instagram and reposting them will fix anything.

It encourages more of these fools to come out of the woodwork, why do you think this has become a bigger and bigger issue the last couple of years?

They are being given exactly what they always wanted. You don’t want something to exist? What do you do? You starve it of oxygen. I appreciate the frustration and anger of the players but giving these nobodies is giving them oxygen, much more than they deserve.

If you’re waiting for Instagram/Facebook etc to come down on these hard then you’re even more naive, they’ll make a token effort but it’s impossible to censor everything 24/7.

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