Ilford stabbing: Man knifed outside POLICE STATION in London bloodbath -bbbut muh knife, gun, control ...whaaaa...

I don't own any guns or hunt, so I really don't advocate for either side because it doesn't affect me. I do have kids in school, and I do worry about them given all the bullshit school shootings. The reason I don't argue to amend the constitution or tighten gun control is because even if no guns were available it would still happen. Difference is it would be knives, or pipe bombs, or whatever other sick shit. America and it's citizens coupled with the media attention violence is getting is the issue. It sucks, I love America but really don't know how the fuck we could ever get our shit together.

To your point yes the idiots blaming guns aren't helping anything at all, they are just inducing more hate and anger that is propagating our current shitshow.

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