The ILHC Lindy Invitational Strictly was so incredible. I just... wow.

(A) You call my suggestions "inane" and then go on to say they've been raised before. Yes some have been raised before (separate divisions, slower music) by people like Jo Hoffberg and Nicole Frydman. Are you still prepared to call them inane? Which in my "compilation of inane suggestions" do you consider "inane" and why? I'm waiting...

The fact that they've been raised before doesn't make them less inane. Your argument from authority doesn't change the fact that the ideas you suggested, as you suggested them, are fucking stupid.

(B) You say Reddit is not a proper channel to raise them or discuss them but don't specify just what those proper channels are. Twitter? Facebook? Do I have to be invited to a roundtable by the Lindy elite? Personally, for the most part, I don't give a damn where an idea or opinion shows up; I judge it on its merits.

(C) Jerry Almonte for one does visit Reddit and read these threads. You know who Jerry is right? And his connection to ILHC?

So? Talk to him if you want to suggest something, although I am pretty sure he doesn't do the competition format, so that's a moot point.

(D) Yes I'm 100% sure the organizers have considered bpm and separate divisions. I'm less convinced they have appropriately considered the nature of the music beyond bpm to facilitate the type of improv I believe most people want to watch. The reason is that the speed and nature of the music played at the Inv Strictly Lindy did not really allow for that. Yes there was more improv versus choreo but my gist was that the type of improv we saw pales to what we should be aiming for. Some people will disagree; that's fine - it's a discussion board.

So many things stupid about this. 1) You don't know what they considered. 2) Whether the music allowed for improv is not something you get to decide. 3) You have such a huge fucking ego to be deciding what the community should be aiming for. Get over yourself.

(E) I base my opinions in part on years of experience in the community. For example, the technical proficiency of dancers is much higher today than in 2000. That said, there were some J&J finals back then which featured more of the type of music I mentioned and were more interesting to my eye. You wouldn't know this because you were just a snotty kid at that time. Some things never change.

Wow, must have taken a lot of years of experience to be able to figure that out.

(F) You claim I have a giant ego, which, is rich coming from a guy, if I'm not mistaken, who's been on Reddit crowing about the wonderful job he did as head of his college club. And if you read the last couple of sentences of my original post I acknowledge that it is not so "simple" and raise a few questions which I'm sure the organizers are wrestling with. That hardly jibes with your description of me. Nuance escapes you.

I'd stack my club up against your jam final fairytales any day. You also must have had to dig about 6 months into my posting history to find that, so congrats on not only being an idiot, but apparently having nothing better to do with your time.

(G) I don't understand your hangup about the #ImprovRespect hashtag. That was the symbol for a larger discussion about choreo versus improv which generated a lot of discussion last year and resulted in changes to the division and Andy Reid being one of the judges. I simply referenced it as a matter of economy just like Houndie did in his comment in this thread.

I've already explained it. You're just one of the people who thinks swing dancing is serious business so you don't understand the irony.

You're obviously very young and immature so I'm gonna file you in the Max and Mauvais bin, which is to say a complete twit.

I mean, I'm not a big fan of quenelles or Steven Mitchell, so I'm not sure where you're getting that.

It would have been better if you had just focused on the tone of my post and express your view in a civil tone. Instead, you just started lashing out and throwing haymakers in a bizarre spectacle. I didn't attack ILHC - the notion that I don't hold Sylvia, Nina and Tina in high regard is ridiculous. I merely gave my opinion on the modified division, stating I found the inv strictly boring and that the change to heavier emphasis on improv to that music didn't work for me. The idea that people shouldn't post on Reddit what they would like to watch and make suggestions is plain insulting and misguided.

Dude, just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

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