I think I'll just give my kid Adderall instead...

Hey this guys' s on to something everybody! Hey everyone! Guys! Has any member of our species in 100,000 years ever tried this?

Dumb sarcastic comment aside, would you mind expanding on your thoughts? What do you mean by discipline? How does discipline function as a treatment for cognitive disorders cause by neurotransmitter production deficits in the frontal cortex? How does discipline affect executive function problems, and what about the several 'co-morbid' disorders like anxiety, dyslexia, and dyscalculia?

I understand why people express reservations and skepticism over ADHD treatments or even the reality of ADHD itself. Culturally (in the US where I'm from anyway) the concept of using medication to control brain chemistry carries negative stigmas. We have a long way to go in this regard. But I think it is inevitable, too.

Once we accept the notion that our brains are an organ which must be treated like any other, and we dispose of the negative attitudes toward mental illness and those suffering its effects, we will be a healthier, happier humanity.

I have to work on those personal misconceptions, too, and I have ADHD. The fact of the matter is that I hate taking medicine, but without neurostimulants I could not get my shit together. Put simply, my brain doesn't produce enough home-grown dopamine (a neurotransmitter molecule responsible for feeling 'pleasure'). In non-ADHD brains, one of dopamine's functions is to give you rewards for staying on task. Your brain uses these pleasure pumps to keep you on target. When you read or work on an involved task, your brain cranks out Dopamine to keep you at it. It helps increase focus and filter out distractions (both internal and external) too.

My brain has a very hard time making dopamine like the person above. Its like my dad cooking, bless his heart. My dad is not a great cook. He used to make dinner for us kids when mom was out of town for work, and he was kinda left helpless. He would do it, but it wasn't that good most times. He'd throw raw, unseasoned pork chops into a roasting pan then cover them with a couple of cans of Cream of Mushroom soup, then top it off with Corn Flakes. However, when he did figure out how to make something good, it was amazing.

So my brain is like my Dad in the kitchen. Most of the time it doesn't make the proper ratios of neuro transmitters for a given activity, but occasionally I will do something that my brain really likes. Then, my brain locks on like the Predator's laser-sighted cannon and lets her rip. This is referred to as ' hyperfocusing' and that's a whole other story, but it shows that we folks with ADHD have brains that operate in a different way. Because of my dopamine I am physiologically prevented from filtering out distractions like you(?) can.

Trying to focus and work with ADHD untreated is like a toddler trying to wrestle down a stray cat. Imagine yourself in quiet a room for an exam at 7 AM, or at your desk trying to finish edits on a dry-ass client report draft. Places no one really wants to be, doing things no one really wants to do. But we all go, don't we? Life isn't all fun and fresh and engaging. We go and get to work, we concentrate and take our time to avoid mistakes. If you are doing this and happen to have ADHD, however, it's like a guy is standing next to you repeating your name into your ears over and over and over.

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