Illegal or just immoral? HBO film explores Michelle Carter’s texting suicide case

Yes internet bullies do...and sadly, imo, they have picked the wrong case for this to be the hill they die on to make laws in regard to it.

Have you read the texts? She encouraged, but in no way bullied him into doing it. I read all the texts back when this happened and formed this opinion....I just re-read the texts to make sure I wasnt misremembering.

I do think she was a bit more than encouraging....but I still stand by the fact that he had full body autonomy, he was an 18 y/o adult.

She wasn't saying "if you don't do it then i will" she was tired of seeing someone she loved in pain....complaining every day and refusing to get help. And mental health is not an exact science AT ALL! He could go for years and never improve, i am speaking from experience.

I think "euthanasia" should be a legal right that everyone has access to after vetting from a physician. Think, this may have never happened if he was given access to proper channels to go through that offer help first and after a trial period with no improvement you are allowed access to treatment to safely/comfortably end your life. I feel if it was an option A LOT of people could be dissuaded from suicide before following through....instead of blaming a 17 year old for not being a mental health professional.

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