(US) Why is it illegal to lie to the police but perfectly legal for them the lie to you?

Because the people who work for the police are power mad with psychopathic tendencies. They are free to rape and murder. Because it's their psychopathic right. You, as a normal person are the perfect answer to their tick-box employment exercise.

As a white male in the UK, where I am probably very privileged I have had the following issues, and I have never commited a crime of any sorts.

Arrested twice on suspicion of selling illegally obtained mistletoe. Released just outside entering the police station.

Forced to attend a police id lineup and missed an A level exam. Got paid ten pounds.

Kicked twice in the stomach for being a drunk 16 year old sitting on the street, very drunk.

Endorsements on my driving license for not wearing a seatbelt when I was wearing one.

A copper turning up at my house to tell my parents and find me stating that I had been caught doing 70 in a 30 zone. Completely fabricated and not even a procedure they have. I walked in the front door whilst it was happening. I really don't understand this one.

Being 18 and walking down the street with 4 cans of cider. They pulled over, asked if I planned to smash shop windows. Took the cider, opened a can up and drive off drinking it.

Yeah. They are awful people.

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