Illinois Fair Tax Amendment failed

no, you're not directly quoting me, you are completely twisting my words

Hmmm you said "it's ridiculous to think they'll suddenly come up with another plan that doesn't include increasing taxes on everyone". How are you gonna twist that to mean you didn't think they "suddenly" had to come up with a new plan? You think they were so cocksure they didn't even bother making a plan for if their amendment failed?

Except that 15% doesn't come close to closing the gap, so yeah, taxes are going to increase.

It does if they reform pensions and cut spending. Let's see our politicians actually get to work on that!

I'm honestly not shocked you voted against it. You seem like exactly the type who would - either willfully ignorant or malicious and manipulative.

lol and if I wanted to be a dick I could say I assume you're poor and fell for the lie that your taxes would actually go down if this had passed. Tell me, what were your big plans for those extra 40 cents a week the commercials promised you'd get?

Except I don't have to be a dick because the facts are on my side. Your taxes were going up either way. This way they might actually have to reign in spending too.

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