I'm (21F) really struggling letting go of someone. I still lust for the person and I need coping techniques to get out of this.

Thank you for sharing this! I currently feel like you did in a part of this. One part of me feels incredibly bad for wanting to cut her out + for thinking I was owed an apology. The other part feels relieved we're at a distance, but also can't kill the attraction fully. My mind is everywhere so I most likely worded my original post bad. But it sucks so bad knowing she's no good for me or my mental health yet there still being a little connection between that keeps this sinking ship just above the bottom. If I were to meet her irl maybe that would've been different, but I have zero wish to. I honestly just wish the best for her since she's been through a lot, and only want to be nice and polite so that's why I inquired how was she doing and was she healthy. Man i wish love and crushing and friendships wouldn't suck and hurt so much.

I'm so glad you're feeling and doing better. It's nice for me to read success stories in similar situations, i can't imagine the relief you felt when the dead weight was cut off. Good job for looking out for yourself! And thank you for your advice and story. And sorry this was so long.

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