I'm a 22 yr old that has never been on a date, and the only women I've kissed are strippers. AMA.

dunno what youre on about constant trying to make personal attacks. You're just trying to demonize me so you can cry victim. It's so weak, ay. So so weak.

I have bimbo friend with huge tits that I fell in love with the minute I looked at her. we became friends but she had a boyfriend at the time and went through several boyfriends during our friendship which still exists. I never got mad at her for dating other guys. I never got mad at all. Even though i used to day dream about her nearly every day. I just accepted that I wasn't her type and I looked forward to just hanging out. There was one time she had broken up with her boyfriend and she invited me stay at her house and she put on a rape porn (it's a movie called original sin. Angelina jolie gets raped over and over again in it) and she started telling me how she likes men who just take it and don't ask for permission. But I was a soft cock so I never forced myself on to her even though it's clear now that was the signal to virtually rape her. I found out years later that she got raped when she was 14 and that's why she's always been attracted to men who just take her and end up bashing her. Yes, every boyfriend she's had has bashed her. It's just like how a lot of pedophiles were victims of pedophiles growing up.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that this "best friend" of yours clearly wasn't a true friend if he constantly told you how much he hated women yet you're supposed to be his best friend. And you're definitely the idiot for continuing a friendship with such a person.

Why would you call someone like that your best friend? I don't trust you at all, ay. Just like the black analogy. Why would a black guy call a neo nazi his best friend? Unless he's extremely lonely, no self-respecting human being would put up with that. And you're supposed to be the amazingly beautiful innocent princess that the big scary men can't help but want to fuck, right? So why was your self-esteem so low that put up with a person who had such hatred in his heart towards you gender?

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