I'm 23 and want to have kids young... how long should I wait based off your experience?

I joined the Army when I was seventeen, met my husband at nineteen, and had our daughter a month shy of my twenty first birthday. I am now twenty three, with a beautiful two year old. I'm a full time college student and my husband is still active duty. Having a kid does impact your ability to do things as freely as you want to, but it is not an end all for fun things. Your life will revolve entirely around the needs of this child and your needs will become secondary most of the time. Having a supportive spouse/partner is KEY. They are the only other person who is obligated to this child and without that help, I wouldn't have survived the first year. (Shout out to all the single parents in the world, I don't know how y'all do it.)

Things to consider: -Your tolerance level. Kids will break you, only to build you up, and then break you again. Lack of sleep, no privacy, everything will suddenly take ten times longer, etc. It can be tiresome, but ultimately these are minor things on the parenting scale. -Income/babysitting. Kids are expensive. Childcare is expensive. Who would you have watch your kid? Can you afford it? Are you ready for the paranoia that is involved in letting someone else have primary care of your child when you're unavailable? Formula, diapers, clothing, carseats, toys, medical care, etc. -Are you ready to be tied to another human being for the rest of your life? I'm not talking about potential baby, I'm talking about the person you choose to make a baby with. If things don't work out romantically, you are still stuck with this person. Co-parenting, financial decisions, etc. If they break your heart, can you get passed that to still maintain a good united front as far as parenting goes?

Good luck, OP!

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