I'm [25f] bi and I have a bit of a crush on my boyfriend's [26m] sister [19f]. How do I stop?

Many, many years ago I (M) was dating a woman and met her younger sister. Don't remember the ages, but I do remember being very attracted to her instead. At that time, it was a sign that I wasn't as invested in the relationship I was in as I should have been and that I didn't really want to be dating the woman I was dating.

Of course, there wasn't much to do with that information—I mean, say out loud "I just broke up with your older sibling and now I want to date you." Yeah, no younger sister in the world is going to think that's cool.

Crushes are normal. If you want to be dating your boyfriend, and this is just a crush, reinvest in dating him. If you were like me, then it's time to re-evaluate the relationship, knowing that you don't get to have either of them afterwards.

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