I'm 30/m. my girlfriend (28/f) of 2 years is upset because when i text her "good morning i love you", i didn't include a heart "<3" so she replied saying it was hurtful not to receive a heart. Am i wrong for thinking I should re-think her?

Update 1 (12 hrs after initial post): Hello everyone! Thanks for the wonderful insights!

We discussed her sadness and its is because the heart was really important to her. I usually include it, but sometimes i don't. Sometimes I put a "<3" after good morning instead of I love you. anyways... The real problem is that the foundation of our relationship is about exclusivity and at the start of it, i told her that I'm dating her to figure out if we are going to be life-long partners. Fast forward 2 wonderful years and she is experiencing anxiety because although we're very close and love each other, she thinks we've plateaued and doesn't see progression.
She is telling me she requires the security of engagement/marriage because without it she doesn't know what's going on and she's worried i'm leading her on and that i will eventually become a waste of time leeching her good years.
I say I don't think we're ready. I discuss my concerns which we have discussed on and off for the better part of a few months. We are suffering from putting everything we have into each other (our old friends and our solo-hobbies have dwindled). I say I love our attachment and it feels great, but I know that the focus of our lives should not just be each other! We need our separate lives too. I want us to work on having fulfilling and enriching life live apart from relationship because I fear that being too attached will cause destruction. She says she understands but I still got the “ultimatum” of “Well.. You should still know if I’m the one” All our viewpoints and opinions on life are a match. we also both DON’T want kids so that’s a great biggie that we agree on. She’s honestly a catch.... when she’s not moody lol but I’m not stupid… partners can become moody.. I tolerate, and I do my best to respect those boundries!! Which now… I can sense it… I’m constantly being monitored for when I’m going to propose… and it’s causing me to be distant… and it’s causing her to behave ineffectively… and it’s just making things go bad.. I honestly think sometimes that if it really would make her happy then what the hell lol. An engagement doesn’t really change anything. but it’s so important to her. But then another side of me says… STOP. Hold your ground. You’re smarter than this… oiy.. what should I doo??  TL;DR : gf wants to get married. I say we are not ready because we have forsaken our friends/hobbies so we should work on obtaining fulfillment outside the relationship before it’s too late. I received a soft ultimatum and don’t know what to do!!

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