I'm 55 years old and I weigh 105 lbs less than I did last year. My wife lost 61 lbs. No tricks, just ate better and exercised.

Just a heads up, track your weight. Weigh in every two weeks or so and write it down on a notepad you keep by the scale.

I've lost massive amounts of weight (more than you two combined) three times in my life and gained it back every time. I've finally managed to find success by making sure I make myself weigh in regularly so I can see when I'm going down the bad road again and stop it.

I know you just did a shit ton of hard work and so this is going to sound asshole-ish but LOSING is actually the easy part. You get a lot of positive feedback from friends and family and your own emotional and physical well-being improving, but KEEPING IT OFF is what is so hard. Something bad happens and all of a sudden you don't care so much about your diet, you get busy and you don't have time to cook, you're going to just have a few drinks with your friends, backsliding is so fast and easy to fall into.

It's a lifelong thing to keep yourself where you want to be and it's really hard, especially during the bad times.

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