I'm almost [30m], and I've never been with anyone, and I feel super behind and have no idea where to start

That’s not an issue with feminism that you have, it’s an issue with a certain type of personality and set of morals that both men and women have.

I was talking about this with someone recently and he made a tonne of good points, but he was able to communicate them respectfully and intelligently. You’re not coming across that way. There are “feminists” who take their views to the extreme, as with any movement, there will always be a subgroup who take the idea to an extreme place. The kind of people where anyone who wrongs them is sexist whether they are or aren’t. I don’t agree with them. I’m a feminist in the original sense, as in equality between men and women, not one above the other, giving women the opportunity to make their own choices in life and not be thought of as a secondary gender to men. Don’t lump shitty people into an important movement, it’s not fair.

You’re entitled to your views of course, but you sound like an ass and I don’t have any interest in helping you further.

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