I'm an after thought in my relationship

Very bad...I started seeing things he was doing online when he would pull up his email I could see responses from various dating and cheating sites. He out of the blue bought a webcam and hid it in his closet, then wanted to get on chatroulet all the time with me...I know he was also hanging out in chatrooms on yahoo because a message popped up when we were together...he was terrible. I was also being abused verbally and emotionally by this person nightly. He would not discuss it with me, instead called me a crazy bitch for asking to talk about it. He also had a spoiled teenager he allowed to verbally lash out at me in front of friends and family. Between the two of them never letting up on the treatment...it really lowered my self esteem to a point I felt I could not do better. I was a confident women who loved someone to distraction and did everything he asked of me. And I was very kind to his kid and was rewarded with constant jealousy and hatred from the kid and ex wife...and why he was abusive he blames on depression, alcohol and some drug he takes with also kratom.

I am in therapy now getting better...the doctor says I have PTSD. And it comes from over 5 years of constant degrading and emotional abuse from those people I worked hard to please.

The doctor at first doubted the extremeness of the abuse...until he heard tapes I made to try and get myself to wise up and get out. The kid has a partner that is verbally degraded behind his back. He is often referred to as basically her future bank account. His family, especially his sister, are constantly trashed and degraded verbally behind his back. I have all that conversation on tape. These people scream louder than their victims when they are confronted about the crap they do and say. They love to attack and judge, but when someone calls them out or tells them to f off they cry foul and threaten.

As you can see I am still going through things, he likes to text me nasty things, them says he misses me, then threatens me, then calls me a bitch because I will not text back. He will text saying we are done for good, and keep texting that...okay great, now fucking go away.

Does help you out, bad enough for you...but it is worse, I just do not want to keep rehashing it...as he and his minion destroyed me emotionally.

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