I'm an award-winning sex and relationship expert and resident sexologist for Astroglide who has been featured on Playboy TV. AMA!

I had this issue for a long time as well. I ended up avoiding most intimacy further than a peck, hug, holding hands because I didn't want it to lead to the expectation of sex. This is a bad idea! Talk it out with your husband. Don't avoid basic intimacy, that can really hurt your relationship. Be explicit that you're having trouble getting in the mood for sex, but are open to ______. That could just be cuddling on the couch, making out, nude cuddling, as far as you're comfortable with. I'd suggest you guys try to get as much intimacy as you can, in order to help those binding hormones encourage you to want to get physical again.

I had to rebuild my libido after kids, and it took a lot of scheduled sex and other efforts on my part. I felt unsexy and just like a mother. I was touched out and used up with the kids. So, if you want to increase your libido I'd suggest scheduling sex (we started at every other day) and I made a point of reading dirty stories beforehand and trying to put myself in a different headspace.

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