I'm an idiot please help

Hehe. Keep your head up, fellow oblivious man.

Isn't the utter cognitive dissonance you could be so oblivious maddening? Your head was in a good place, I mean, obviously you are interested but like, I wish you good luck in correcting this.

If anything maybe if you can salvage the situation, she will be aware in "THE FUTURE" that you can be a little oblivious, I mean you aren't mentally retarded, like, you were just honestly caught up in your head and like you completely realized your missed opportunity as soon as your perspective swung around a little.

I blame Te. You were expending all your energy on this teeeeeeeeeny tiny Te intensive task, and you are good at it. Your 3 superior functions were taking a backseat and letting the weirdo do what he is really freaking good at.

I feel relieved it's a person you have a legitamite reason to associate with. It is a mother fucking tragedy when a stranger walks up and puts their arms around you and squeezes you and you are just so fucking stuck in this thing in your head, you merely acknowledge "thanks" and then there is no possible way to follow up or even understand.

Good luck, and I appreciate your sharing this :)

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