I'm back, but not fully

You are shown it. I was shown it by a few different methods. The first and most powerful was shrinking into my body, seeing the inside of my skull, my synapses, the proteins, the molecules, the atoms, all the way down to this multidimensional fizz fabric like lattice work. It was all very clear to what was happening. When I experienced this, I did some research and found that some descriptions of a planck length, the smallest unit of space/causality, matched perfectly. Each level had it's own awareness, it's own universe.

I was again shown this awareness of all things by being told directly by the God Head. The omni-dimensional ultimate culmination of all "awarenesses" and consciousnesses. I also learned that we are created in it's image in terms of consciousness, not it's visual appearance, what I believe the Abrahamic religions go wrong in this particular case.

The last was interacting with my surroundings while in hyperspace. Everything has a pulse, a vibe, a personality. Color and sound and shape all come into play.

I don't think this can mean anything to you because you have to experience it. My experiences were hyper-real, uber-real, compared to this reality we know day in and day out.

I have friends that also came to the same conclusions.

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