I'm a Barbie Girl

It's best from the outside. Inside is a nuthouse. While the management Magellan company is generally good, this place wasn't.

The building is a layer cake. 18 floors hotel 19-52 rentals, 53-top condos. All share the same amenity space. People in hotels generally don't care about the amenities like residents. Glass in the pool was a 2x season occurance and complete disregard for rules The whole thing has to be drained and it takes several days. While the condos may be better layouts and quieter, they still share the same amenities. Also, the wavy balconies look cool from outside, many are basically unusable the small part of the wave can't fit anything. The fights outside late at night, Drama in the hotel, are annoying. Especially when you pay to live somewhere to NOT have that.

Finally, while somehow being leed certified, the balconies are directly attached, as each floor is a giant slab of concrete or whatever. Not only will the Aqua one day face structural issues, but it is a INCREDIBLE waste of energy, as heat is transferred directly to the outdoors.

"an 82 floor thermal exchanger"


Finally, yes the aqua is 'pretty' but so much was so annoying. Oh, I forgot. The awful restaurant in the hotel. Don't ever eat there.

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