I'm a busser who makes tip out and just found out our servers never report cash tips

Okay, that makes more sense where you're coming from. I think I misunderstood what you were meaning.

I definitely make over minimum wage total with tips, as do the servers (they make more than me hourly with tips most of the time I would bet, that's the reason why everyone would rather be a server to make more money) but I want to be making as much as I should be making. Not having people pocketing money when some of it should be going to the bussers.

I talked to said busser/server friend and he said that each server gives 10% of their tips and all of that is collected among the servers and then split up between bussers.

He said it wasn't based off of sales.

So it seems like it's just all set up shitty... Corporations suck ass.

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