I'm buying a gun.

I can certainly understand the impulse, it is a very uncertain time.

However, the decision to own a firearm should not be made hastily. Not trying to assume that you havent thought this through, but speaking in more general terms.

If your concern is protecting family, self, and home, that is completely relateable. I dont think anyone would disagree with that desire. But, how seriously have you considered the realities of what defending your life with a firearm would be like?

Self defense requires a trained willingness to intentionally harm another human being. Speaking from my own experience, it took a lot of soul searching to come to the conclusion that I'm willing to endure the consequences. This even included talking with my father about guns and self defense. He is a Korean War veteran who spent 18 months in the North, and he never wants to hold a gun again.

Have you talked this over with anyone you are living with? Are you willing to pursue training and instruction in the use of a gun? Because, in my opinion, being a responsible gun owner doesnt begin and end with just legally purchasing a gun.

If you are committed to this, excellent. Our members here will eagerly debate what gun to buy and why.

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