I'm currently undecided. Here's what concerns me about Trump...

I completely understand where you are coming from, but you have to think of it this way- or at least this is my opinion.

Why do so many Americans want Trump in office? How does a man, who six months ago was a joke as a candidate, earn their trust?

Because deep down, all of us desire security for ourselves and our loved ones. The thing that baffles so many on the right, regarding the Obama administration, is that his administration (for better or worse) has broadened the scope of what constitutes racial profiling. To feel anger towards a group of people is natural, when they are literally the villains in our lives, but the Left also makes it a point to stop discrimination.

Bush's response in the months following 9/11, was approved by a majority of citizens. We wanted to reveal the terrorist and destroy them.

In the last eight years, we've seen the most powerful nations worldwide face internal strife - strife that is born among the refugees we keep assimilating into our countries.

Of course I don't want Muslims labeled as the bad guys, but what Americans are beginning to see is that political correctness does not stop terrorism. "Kill them with kindness" is not a rational response. Now we are seeing nations fall victim to terrorism, despite efforts to peacefully coexist with those they are letting into their nation. France has seen it. Belgium has seen it.

I despise the political correctness in our country, even though it is sometimes what we need to progress as a society. We are never going to stop being a target. Before the Iran Nuclear Deal, the Iranian leaders led their people in some friendly chants of "death to America". That is who they are. Do I care that some muslims will be unfairly treated? Yes. It is unfortunate and unavoidable. Too bad. I hope my children do not have terrorism to worry about. I wish French writers and artists will never again face execution at the hands of terrorists. I wish no airport was ever threatened again. I wish we could all hold hands and jerk each other off, but humanity is not there yet. Right now we need action. Right now we need to eliminate the threat.

Trump is the voice of what we want. That which no politician would ever say aloud.

Again, I understand why people would consider the idea that we can lay down our arms and end conflict, or the idea that if we just ignore them, they won't be a problem. Well guess what? Alan Grant says if you don't move, the Tyrannosaurus Rex cannot see you. Now we know that is not true. And that Tyrannosaurus Rexes probably had feathers. Think about it.

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