I'm a diamond who can't air dribble so I just "nudge the ball "

I'm D2 who can't air dribble, regular dribble, flick, or get reliable wall shots. What I do have down is this weird strat I came up with called "rotation." I swear it feels like cheating sometimes. The ball comes back and instead of it going into the goal because we're all on the other side of the field, I can save it!

Sarcasm aside, my friends all got to champ when I only had like 200 hours and was gold, but I played with them a lot. It forced me to play fast and the only way I could really help initially was getting rotational play down. I feel like the least technically adept D2, but I consistently win 50/50s and get to aerials first, even against Champs. But my accuracy is shit. I feel like the definition of a support player. I know the people I'm playing with are more accurate than I am so I try to play to that, doing pass plays and assists.

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