I think people misunderstand a lot of the "negativity" they hear. For me, if I could not get a certain minimum opportunity I would simply not attend law school. I have similarly explored countless other careers and found law offers me the best opportunity for my desires and skills. The fact that I am "elite" when it comes to something like the LSAT is selectivity bias - I would not have taken the LSAT and not bothered to apply for law school if my PTs were horrible.

As a counterexample, I have not chosen to apply to med school and you won't find me on those subs because my background and skills don't match up with the MCAT. But will you find me there complaining that people are crushing my dream? How I'm going to spend years chasing prerequisites and studying to have the hope of getting into some Carribean med school? How people who get into Harvard Med are "elite?" No, because my philosophy is to take advantage of the good opportunities you have. And that wouldn't be one. For some people it is, good for them.

By extension when people show up here with a 150 LSAT and 2.5 GPA and say they only want to hear positivity about their decision to attend Thomas Jefferson at sticker, I don't think that should be encouraged. It's a bad decision. And if that crushes their dreams then they just need to get over it or else do better on that exam. Hopes and dreams don't make Thomas Jefferson at sticker any better of an opportunity.

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