I'm disappointed that the chemistry between Jon and Dany hasn't really improved since last season and I may be the only big Jonerys fan on this sub who is at least willing to admit that - I hope not though.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the actors. I think it’s the characters. I don’t think any actor could pull this off as you want. It’s the writing - not just the script, but bringing these 2 characters together. We knew this is where they were going, almost from the start of the first book. They’re ‘destined.’ But we don’t see them over the chapters or seasons. There’s no history between them. I feel like I’m supposed to accept this as a great love, but it doesn’t really come across, & I don’t really believe it. Oddly I can see her in love with him, more than the other way around.

It’s not forced acting. It’s a somewhat forced pairing. Maybe in the books, it will have more build up - a lot longer for them to interact, but I sort of doubt it (assuming the books are written, of course).

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