"I'm so disappointed in the way they've treated Bernardo" | Pep Guardiola

What you think is an evil regime is very subjective. If you go through regional history you will find that Saudi Arabia in its entire history was aligned with Yemen and neighboring countries (they share a religion, race, and even culture if we speak about the Arabian peninsula countries. They were always aligned. Saudi never attacked any of them either by military, politics (till Qatar recently), or even economically (they let literally +100k workers at least from each of their neighboring, not-so-rich arab countries (again easily found stat but I can find it for you if you want). Now you have a terrorist group with Iranian weapons trying to control Yemen. A country that has always been so close to KSA. If they did not arm those terrorists (or perhaps, and that's a prediction only, created them in the first place).

Sponsoring Alqaeda or 9/11 is an absurd accusation with 0 evidence (speculation about why pages were redacted is not and evidence)(saying they were paid by the government is literally a joke because any Saudi student abroad gets paid tuition and decent living wages by the government, it's basically part of the citizenship). The list of Alqaeda attacks against KSA are in the tens with hundreds of casualities, including bombing the ministry of interior building. Also Alqaeda was a joint effort between so many countries (USA, UK, KSA, etc.) to send terrorists against Russia back in the Afghan war. After which they lost control of them and became their worst enemies. There is a wikipedia list for attacks on Saudi by Alqaeda. You should see it.

Wahabbism I cannot complain. That was a dark period we lived back then and believe me no one suffered more than the average Saudi. It was not just a random terrorist attack, that would have been much more bareable. We had religious people harassing us everywhere about everything. Your hair, your clothes, your simple actions, hell even a mistimed smile could be an issue. When they get you, they get you and detain you as much as they like. But now they're gone because MBS has crushed them thankfully (first few months he totally removed all their authority), since then he has been trying so hard to develop the country but he is constantly impeded by middle aged/old brainwashed citizens who resist these developments. He still develops us at a blistering rate compared to our historical rates. For women to drive and to travel freely is great. Quashing the whole guardianship rules and forced islamic veil are on the way (right now the latter is not even fully enforced). We are on our way in the human rights (and have already some headstart with the free education and healthcare we have). Hard to say that about a country that openly threatens (and calls for it) to destroy the entirety Israel every news cycle while chanting death to America in their biweekly rallies. That is if they are not committing acts of war like bombing other nations, kidnapping diplomats, or burning foreign embassies.

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