I'm a fairly new pharmacist working in retail, having some trouble with somethings. Advice?

Try Google. I did a Google search for "macrobid capsule too big to swallow" and here was an early result:

"suzanne66 7 Nov 2011

Yes - although it will taste terrible... but will not be harmful. You could try mixing the powder in with a little ice cream or jam to disguise the taste. If you continue to have difficulty call your doctor or pharmacy. There are suspensions available (Furadantin, Nitrofurantoin). BeAuTiFuL dIsAsTeR 10 Nov 2011

That's not an unusual method to take a whopper of a pill, it definately will taste yucky! My doc recommended mixing it into a single cup serving of yogurt not only to help the taste but he told me that the yogurt would aid the absorbtion of the medicine. Good luck! =)" https://www.drugs.com/answers/macrobid-the-capsules-are-too-big-for-me-to-475117.html

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