I'm Finally Gone, And I Miss Them

First off, congratulations on your new place! I hope it's a wonderful home for you, and that you love it. :)

Secondly, thinking about other people above yourself is a side effect of growing up in a household wherein you HAVE to put others first. It's not always a bad thing--it takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate that level of empathy and keen sensitivity to others' needs and moods!--but you should be wary of it when it comes to the people who originally forced you to become that self-sacrificing.

Silence your phone, just for tonight. Focus on your surroundings and sleep peacefully in your lovely new home without responding to them tonight. (There are a million legit reasons for not having seen their messages.)

If you feel like reaching out, wait 24 hours. Reflect on how much you m7ss them vs. how much you like living on your own, and think of healthy, actionable ways to reconcile the two.

You're going to be okay. Hugs and/or high-fives from afar. :)

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